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First Date Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating Read on

In the world of singles dating, getting to the first date is like making it to the World Cup finals – although you had to work pretty hard to get that far, you haven’t won the championship just yet….


10 Tips for Creating a Catchy Dating Site Profile

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating Read on

Like it or not, your profile is the first opportunity for people to decide whether or not they would like to get to know you better. So, it would make sense that you want to make your profile as captivating as possible. Follow these 10 tips for creating your profile and you’ll be making great connections in no time.


Dating for Singles & Swingers - Melbourne’s Romantic Side

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating, Swingers Read on

Everyone knows that Melbourne has a chic and stylish side to it, but did you know it had a romantic side too? Whether you’re on your first date or celebrating your 10th anniversary, there is much to offer Melbourne couples looking to spend some quality time together.


Five Tips to Get Your Singles Dating Profile Noticed

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating Read on

Did you know your singles dating profile plays a big role in the success of your dating site experience? An interesting and enticing profile will get a much greater response than a boring profile and the quality of the responses will be better as well. To increase the odds of your profile getting winks, read these five tips.


Singles Dating – 10 Common Mistakes You Should Never Make

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating Read on

Successful singles dating is an art. Unfortunately not everyone is an artist. It doesn’t matter if you met on a dating site or bumped into each other at the grocery store, there are certain mistakes you don’t want to make if you want to give the relationship a chance to grow. This article lists 10 of the most common ones, in no particular order, to keep you from becoming a dating statistic.


Choosing the Right Online Dating Service

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating Read on

There was a time when online dating was viewed as an activity for losers. Today, that perception, not to mention the reality, has changed. There are two major types of internet dating services - free and paid. Here I discuss the pros and cons of each.


Is Online Dating for You? Tips for Baby Boomers

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating Read on

If you’re single again and feel that you’re just not meeting the right person through your regular channels, perhaps it’s time to consider online dating.


Online Dating Safety 101

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating Read on

When it comes to dating online, it’s definitely important to strike a balance between enjoying the experience and also being safe…


7 Key Elements of a Great Online Dating Service

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating Read on

With hundreds of online dating sites to choose from, the search for the one that best suits your needs can be a little daunting. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve created a list of the 7 key elements you need to be looking for in a great site


How Do You Know if an Online Dating Site is Safe?

Aelicia J. Anderson Online Dating Read on

As online dating continues to grow in use and popularity, many new sites pop up, trying to cash in on the money being spent with dating sites. Be aware that not all online dating sites are the same. Do some research before signing up…

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