Five Tips to Get Your Singles Dating Profile Noticed

Did you know your singles dating profile plays a big role in the success of your dating site experience? An interesting and enticing profile will get a much greater response than a boring profile and the quality of the responses will be better as well. To increase the odds of your profile getting winks, read the following five tips.

Hey you! Get your singles dating profile noticed

The Hardest Part is Getting Their Attention

The title, or headline of your singles dating profile is the most important part and writing a great one may take longer than all the rest of your profile. Your headline should be relatively short, but needs to make an impact. Completely avoid starting with “Hi, I’m so-and-so…”; it’s not headline worthy. Make a statement, ask a question, reveal a secret, do something out of the ordinary to catch the attention of someone scrolling by.

They’re Gonna Want to See What You Look Like

Sadly enough, in many cases, looks do matter to a lot of people. It’s evidenced by the fact that profiles without pictures are hardly looked at and receive far fewer responses than profiles with photos included. Especially popular are profiles with several pictures, including close ups. Your pictures must be current. If you don’t have any recent pictures within the last 6 months, you’ll need to take some. On most adult dating sites nudity is perfectly acceptable, but on a regular dating site it’s recommend you read their terms of service.


Your Words Should Paint a Picture of Who You Are

If your attention-grabbing headline and photos did their job, people will be reading your profile to learn more about you. Don’t let them leave empty-headed. Fill their minds with mental images of who you are, what you like and what you’re looking for. Use words like ‘imagine’ and ‘picture this’ to create mental pictures of what you’re describing…which is YOU! Show them with your words, rather than just tell them. If you’re loving and generous, describe volunteer work you do or a charity 10k run you participated in. Mention your hobbies and interests and what you hope to find on the dating site. They’ll be gathering as much information as possible to form a decision about you. Give them all you can to help them make that decision.

What Your Profile Should Not Reveal

You want to share as much information about yourself as possible, but your personal contact information, such as address and phone number should never be part of your public profile. On a dating site, you must exercise caution as to when and to whom you give out your personal info. Talk to them online for a while, then, if and only when you feel comfortable should you agree to exchange phone numbers. The same care should be taken whether you’re on an adult dating site or a regular one. Pick public places to meet for the first few times and take your own car.
Above All, Be Yourself

You want responses from people who have a real interest in getting to know you. What you don’t want is a relationship built on lies. Be honest in your profile. Nobody wants to learn they’ve been deceived and this holds especially true on a dating site. Word spreads at the speed of type online. If it becomes known that your profile is filled with falsehoods, you may as well cancel your membership.

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