No Connections? Why Your Adult Dating Profile Isn’t Working

Has it been weeks, even months, since your profile has received any attention? If you’re profile contains any of the elements listed below, perhaps it’s time for a face lift. Make sure your profile isn’t committing any of these adult dating site sins!

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1. You’re Just Like Everyone Else

You know you’re not just like everyone else, so make your profile stand out from the crowd. Be funny and exciting, and stir up people’s imaginations and desires. Sexy profiles attract sexy people.

2. You’re using a Bad Photo

Your photo is going to make or break the success of your adult dating profile… spend some time making sure you’ve got a great one. Grainy and unflattering photos should be tossed aside to make room for colorful shots that make you look fabulously irresistible.

3. You Use Too Much Online Jargon

The goal of your profile is to attract as many compatible matches as possible, so it needs to be clear and concise. Nix the trendy online acronyms (i.e. SWF); instead, write your profile using straight forward and user-friendly language.

4. You’re not sure what you’re looking for

One of the fundamental ways your profile will be categorized is by the relationship type you are seeking (i.e. women seeking couples). This is how people will sort through all the available categories to possibly find you. Expand your horizons. Maybe you’re actually open to more than you’ve considered.

5. You Haven’t Added Any Extra Photos

Pictures let people know how exciting, uninhibited, and sexy you can be. Few people will be able to resist you when you include some stimulating and mysterious photos in your public and private albums.

6. You’re Not Honest in Your Description

If fellow online daters are seeing some major inconsistencies between your personal details and your photos (i.e. you say you’re 110 pounds but your photo makes you look much larger), they’re going to be hesitant about contacting you. Try not to exaggerate or mislead… it will only come back to bite you in the end.

7. You’re Not Detailed in Your Description Of Who You Are Seeking

Vague descriptions of what you are looking for won’t garner a lot of results. This is because people reading your profile won’t be able to immediately identify themselves as your perfect match. Describe your fantasy with as much detail as possible because you deserve to get exactly what you desire.

8. You Don’t Blog

Blogging does a couple of things: 1) It demonstrates you are active on the site; 2) it lets people learn more about your personality; 3) It allows you to create even more mystery and intrigue about yourself. Just a few quick lines a week will exponentially increase the number of connections you make.

9. You Don’t Chat

Just like blogging, adult chat rooms also increase the amount of exposure you get on your adult dating site. You don’t need to spend hours every day in chat rooms. However, you’ll find that even just an hour or two a week will increase the number of people you meet, thus increasing the number of hits you get on your profile.

10. Haven’t Used ID Verification

IDs that haven’t been verified are suspicious. Unless you want to have next to no one contacting you, don’t skip over this easy step during your profile set-up.

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